Monday, December 7, 2009

"We got the rhythm that makes your fingers snap, crackle, pop pop, fizz fizz"

We're known to give a show plus handle our biz-ness
Stress, we'll destroy
We're known to make noise as the original b-boys

Great crowd on Saturday - alot of new faces! Thanks to everyone who came thru to support Hip Hop Karaoke! Plenty of new songs performed this week which we always appreciate. From Dorrough & Drake to KRS-One and the Roots, a wide range of Hip Hop songs were represented, and we still got hundreds more that haven't been touched. If it was your first time, don't be shy, say hello to us here or on facebook!  
Special thanks to our friends - Platinum Club, Sound Science, Showstoppers and 72 North for helping us put together another great event.

Pics and vids will be uploaded on flickr and youtube soon! Check back here or facebook for future events. For event & business inquiries, email us at:

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