Monday, August 24, 2009

"and everybody say I remember way back when"

"what? back in the day, when? back in the day"

We just got another shipment from our Top Secret Hip Hop Karaoke Video Labratory. No animals were hurt in the making of these videos. Let us know what you want to see at the next Rhyme Along.

Fonky expedition - The Conscious Daughters
U don't hear me tho' - Rodney O and Joe Cooley
Get Back - Ludacris
South Bronx - Boogie Down Productions
What Y'all Want - Ruff Ryders ft. EVE
Foe Life - Mack 10
Still Ballin' - 2pac ft. Trick Daddy
Back in the Day - Ahmad
You Never Knew - Heiroglyphics
Pistol Grip Pump - Volume 10
D. Original - Jeru D. Damaja
The I.N.C. ride - Masta Ace
My Addidas - Run DMC

1 comment:

  1. can I get a taste of "I get around" from 2pacolypse?